Documentary Film Making Workshop in Glückstadt

In the last months of 2019, I started to give a workshop about how to make a documentary film in the small city of Glückstadt. At the end of these workshop series, teenagers produced their own short movies about migration topic. They can be watched here.

*All rights of the movies are reserved for Glückstadt Familienverein.

Zine Workshop with international students in Wroclaw 18/04/2018

In the zine workshop, at first I made a presentation about my personal production process. I showed my tecniques while doing zine with found objects. Children looked my zine Buluntu’s the last issue.

We went to green parks for a hunt for collecting ownerless objects. When we returned the school, children start to create a story with their finding. We made five groups and each of them create two pages in a hour. After that we copied all papers and produce zine which is called " Great five" . It was amazing experience for me as a workshop tutor.

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