To work as a Gastarbeiter a mother migrates to Germany without her children. Family reunification takes some years. The smallest daughter of that family, shares her story of growing up without a mother. Her biographic story is brought to the audience through 2d animated natural representations.

  • Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2021 (competition program)
  • TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2021
  • DOK Leipzig Film Festival 2021
  • Canlandiranlar Film Festivali 2021 (competition program)
  • Documentarist Istanbul Film Festival 2021
  • Tricky Women Film Festival 2022 ( Work Affairs Program)
  • The Big Cartoon Festival 2022 ( documentary program)


Communist poet and writer Nâzım Hikmet Ran’s poem “Üç Selvi” is about three cypress trees. In his metaphoric narrative, at first, trees live in harmony with nature. After their destruction joy of life is gone and the world is deprived of the sound of cypress leaves. Although Hikmet wrote this mournful poem in 1933, readers can find different meanings and enemies when they look at the  dark side of Turkish collective memory.

  • Animateka Film Festival 2020
  • Piccolo Festival Del’Animazione 2020
  • ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2021

“Abla Deme Lazım Olur!"

As a part of Documentarist 2019, I attended an Animadoc Workshop. This movie is created in just three days with limited working hours. We were three people and We chose “romantic relationship" as a topic and a spontaneous chat about marriage led us to animate. Found photo of Queen Elizabeth become our first visual referance than we decided to construct all story on behalf of her.

" MJs Tagebuch"

I made an intro animation for Youtube children serie MJs Tagebuch. Here is the more information about channel in German:

In jeder Folge geht MJ auf einen unterhaltsamen Tagesausflug. Dort stellt MJ Fragen und beteiligt sich an unterschiedlichen Aktivitäten. Auf diese Weise kann MJ ihren Freund*innen helfen, Fragen zu beantworten wie: ‘Welche Tiere leben auf einem Bauernhof?’, ‘Woraus bestehen Sterne?’ und ‘Woher kommen Bücher?’Durch die Begleitung bei MJs Abenteuern können Kinder mehr über Themen wie Kunst, Kultur und Naturwissenschaft lernen. MJ freut sich darauf, die Abenteuer mit euch zu beginnen!

Bottle Garden

We have a worldwide waste problem, especially with plastic. Therefore, it is important to recycle plastic properly or, best of all, to do without buying or using it as much as possible. How creative you can be with plastic waste is shown here by the children’s club Chamäleon. (Unfortunately, the bottle garden was a victim of vanadlism). Text is taken by ReAct Altona Altstadt Official Website.

Dinner on the ice

The Best Side Of Sleep / stop-motion

Clay Motion Exercises

Kesmece / 2D Game

Big Children School / Live Action

Vegan Cookie / stop-motion

Wedding Invitation / stop-motion

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